Every household occasionally experiences a clogged drain. Clogs occur in bathroom, kitchen and other drains when the dirt, skin cells, hair, cooking oil and other particles that normally end up in a drain bind with soap residue and stick to the walls of your drain pipes.

Most drain clogs aren’t instantaneous; they build up over months and even years. Blockages tend to build slowly, going unnoticed until drainage suddenly slows or comes to a complete stop, causing water to accumulate in your sink or bathtub.

Sometimes, a clog can happen quickly if something that shouldn’t be poured into a sink or tub ends up causing an obstruction.

Either scenario can create an emergency situation that needs to be dealt with fast.

Whether you have an emergency drain blockage that causes standing water in your sink or tub or notice the early warning signs like gurgling noises in the drain, water pooling around the drain or slow drainage, or an unpleasant odor being emitted from the drain, you will want to call Custom Plumbing for assistance. The licensed plumbers at Custom Plumbing can help residential and commercial customers in Sarnia and other parts of Southwestern Ontario fix your nastiest drain clogs in your bathroom, kitchen, utility room or another part of your home or office.

Catch a clogged rain before it’s too late by calling Custom Plumbing today! Contact us for an assessment and one of our knowledgeable local plumbers can come to your location and diagnose the problem, free of charge to you.


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